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Green Belt ®
Battery Passport ®

The Green Belt ® Battery Passport ® documents the complete life cycle of a battery and is publicly available in our Green Belt ® Registry. This means that sellers, resellers, customers and government authorities can access all relevant data on your battery at any time. As a battery manufacturer, you not only fulfill all legal requirements, but also gain a competitive edge in the market.

Green Belt ®

The Green Belt ® Cloud is the new heart of battery management. The Green Belt ® Cloud includes, among other things, the Green Belt ® Directory. This is used by battery manufacturers as a white label solution to enrich their production data with all other battery lifecycle information and is thus the prerequisite for the creation of a Battery Passport ®. The Green Belt ® Cloud is also used by vendors, resellers and customers to manage their own batteries. For maximum efficiency, we offer support for ERP systems, such as SAP.

Green Belt Cloud
Green Belt BMS

Green Belt ®

We have developed our own Green Belt ® BMS (Battery Management Systems). This revolutionizes the BMS market by sending data in real time to our Green Belt ® Cloud, where it is available to the battery owner at any time. In addition, we evaluate the received data using AI and thus intelligently enrich Battery Passport ® with information such as the SOH (state of health) and the SOC (state of charge). We integrate our Green Belt ® BMS together with manufacturers in their own batteries.

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